The company PERFUMS BAR is a national market leader in the manufacture of perfumery products.

The company PERFUMS BAR has more than 20% on the share of sales of total volumes of retail sales of perfumes in the class of the masses - and middle - market in Ukraine, according to independent research.

PERFUMS BAR - is a network of discount perfume dispenser for the middle class.

PERFUMS BAR offers to the customers fragrants and composition of the best world's manufacturers. The company's experts analyze the perfume market new products and taken to its customers the best and original flavors every 3 months.

Prices in PERFUMS BAR are democratic and are due to large volumes of sales and cost-effectively for advertising.

PERFUMS BAR - is unique enterprise for cooperation because it has standards of product quality, wide assortment, prestigious club system of communication with clients.

We create quality perfumery for every consumer
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